Smoking Marijuana
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Smoking Marijuana

Smoking marijuana is the most common method of using marijuana. Smoking marijuana involves inhaling the smoke released by burning the buds and leaves of the marijuana plant. Smoking marijuana releases the main psychoactive chemical in marijuana called THC, which is absorbed into the bloodstream via the lungs. It then mostly targets the brain, where it binds to cannabinoid receptors. There are different ways to smoke marijuana. The most common ways of smoking marijuana are by smoking marijuana cigarettes (Joints/Blunts), Marijuana pipes and marijuana bongs.

Marijuana JointMarijuana Joints - A marijuana joint, sometimes called a "j", "doobie" "jifter" or "spliff", is made by rolling up marijuana, either manually or with a rolling machine, into cigarette paper, forming a cigarette-like product. This is one of the more popular methods of marijuana consumption because marijuana joints are small and extremely portable, and a well-rolled marijuana joint is easy to use and pass along to others.

Marijuana PipeMarijuana Pipes - Marijuana pipes sometimes called pieces or bowls are simple devices by nature. Generally, they involve a tube-like shape that curves upwards at one end. Marijuana is placed into one end (called the bowl), lit, and then the smoke is sucked through a small hole in the bottom of the bowl, through the chamber and into your mouth at the other end. Pipes are sold in a variety of sizes, usually made of blown glass, metal fittings, ceramic, borosilicate, stone, wood, bamboo and other materials. Blown-glass pipes are often intricately and colorfully designed, containing materials that change color or become more vivid with repeated use. A crude pipe can be made in a pinch with nothing more than tinfoil. Marijuana pipes are easy to use, and usually less fragile than a bong, but lacks some of the nicer effects, such as cooling.

Marijuana BongMarijuana Bongs - Also known as water pipes, the most basic of these contraptions are basically an advanced pipe. However, as the smoke is pulled through the bong, it goes through a sizeable amount of water. First off, as long as the water's cool, this has a nice effect on the temperature of the otherwise-hot smoke, making it very lung-friendly to novice smokers. Also, it takes out a portion of random particulate matter from the smoke, making the hit a bit cleaner and smoother. Once again, marijuana bongs can be bought or made, but either way they're usually fairly sizeable, and fragile.

Smoking Marijuana
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