Signs of Marijuana Use
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Signs of Marijuana Use

Signs of Marijuana UseHere are some of the signs of marijuana use. These signs don’t necessarily mean marijuana use for certain, but they are signs of marijuana use that should cause you concern, and prompt you to investigate more thoroughly.

Bloodshot eyes - This is one of the most well known signs of marijuana use. The smoke can irritate the eyes, giving them a bloodshot appearance. Additionally, other factors (like loss of sleep due to substance abuse problem) can contribute to bloodshot eyes. Marijuana users often use eye drops such as Visine as an attempt to relieve bloodshot eyes.

Dilated pupils - These are pupils that are abnormally large. Marijuana use can cause pupils to dilate dramatically.

Smell - One of the most telling signs of marijuana use is an accompanying smell. It is possible to smell marijuana smoke on the clothes and hair of an user. Additionally, personal areas, such as a room or a car, may have the smell of marijuana smoke. Marijuana users commonly use excess perfume and often use incense. Incense in the bedroom or a smell on the clothes can indicate signs of marijuana use.

Marijuana paraphernalia - Merchandise and objects connected with marijuana use can be a big sign of marijuana use. Seeds from marijuana plants (in some case the plant or a cutting) can be telling. Materials for making homemade joints, especially cigarette papers, can be indicative. Pipes and bongs, including those that are homemade, are also warning signs of marijuana use. For homemade items, you might notice that there is sticky residue. This is a result of the burned marijuana.

Appears sleepy - Someone who is under the influence of marijuana use may seem sleepy and really relaxed.

Less motivation - Marijuana use tends to remove motivation. Regular marijuana use can lead to less interest in work or school. Additionally, someone using marijuana tends to stop trying to make and achieve goals and they begin to no longer participate in activities that they used to find very enjoyable and rewarding.

Short-term memory loss - One of the effects of marijuana use is short-term memory loss. One of the warning signs of marijuana use is that you might notice that your friends and family members using the drug become increasingly forgetful.

Signs of respiratory problems - Those who use marijuana regularly often have many of the same problems that smokers have. A persistent cough, as well as other respiratory problems, can indicate marijuana use.

Signs of Marijuana Use
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